Why Should You Review Website Analytics?

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Why should you review your website analytics?

Time and tide wait for no man’ is one of the oldest sayings in the English language – probably first uttered by St Marher in 1225. No surprise it’s a tad out of date then! What it really ought to say is, ‘Time, tide and the internet wait for no man’.

By that, we mean that SEO work is always more effective if it’s ongoing. The online world is an always-on, 24/7 system in which the only constant is change. That’s why it’s vital that your rankings are reviewed every month to see where improvements need to be made – something we at Popcorn see as an integral part of our job.

When we’re preparing SEO for your site, we’ll ask you to provide us with a list of your keywords so that we can take them away and carry out keyword research to determine which are the best ones to use on the website. Then, once we’ve optimised the website for those keywords we will then review its rankings every month to see where we can make improvements to get your website to appear above your competitors’ (SEO reports give you your site’s ranking with the search engines).

But that’s just one facet of the essential analytics. To ensure your site is keeping up with the latest standards and developments we conduct website audits – reviewing and optimising the code structure of the site itself and the back-end (for example, checking missing alt tags, missing h1’s etc.).