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Website Search Engine Optimisation SEO

We have years of experience across a range of markets and industries, as well as a proven track record of helping companies to improve their organic rankings. Our SEO services don’t just focus on ranking for any keyword, we do our research, identify, recommend and implement the ones that work and are specific to your company. Our team will review all your data to ensure that you rank for the search terms that are going to help your business to grow, however, this should start well before the website is live.

Planning & build optimisation

Service done during creating the website

The most successful websites are those that have been planned from the ground up. By looking at the points below your website will have a firm foundation when put live.

  • Full keyword research to create a list of target search terms
  • Online strategy proposal including improvements to website structure
  • Update of the website to affect all elements of the digital strategy including managing the URL structure, on page
  • Full on-page optimisation including rewriting of existing page copy and the setup of new pages as appropriate for landing page purposes
  • Writing of all site page titles, metadata, alt tags, and contextual links


Site launch/migration

Service done as the website goes live

For those who have an existing website all the meta information will have already been indexed by Google. Building a new website will create new meta data and code, once live it will have an impact on the website’s rankings as Google will see the new meta information and code. The migration plan is to make sure that all your meta information has been copied over and your old links in Google are redirected to the new pages, having minimal impact upon your website’s rankings

  • Set up of Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools) account
  • Submission of sitemap to Google
  • Search engine submissions (only Google)
  • 301 re-directs if required
  • Replicate page titles and meta descriptions from the old website to the new

On-going monitoring & improving

This service will be tailored to your needs and continuously reviewed to ensure it’s accurate. On-going SEO is important to make sure that your website stays above your competitors.

We use specialised software that we customise to provide a full SEO review which includes the following:

  • Keyword rank tracker
  • Organic Google Analytics reporting
  • Goal conversions
  • Backlink monitor
  • Site auditor
  • Competitor analysis
  • Crawl errors
  • Social media tracking / MailChimp tracking
  • Work to correct and improve findings
  • Marketing advice relating to site usability & other digital marketing elements
  • Google penalty assessment and recovery