What is Website Support?

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What is Website Support?

We all agree that your business requires a website in order to either sell products online or attract new customer enquiries and promote services to existing ones.

It is therefore strange that the majority of business owners do not include ongoing website support services in their company budgets.


Over the years these are typical requests for help that we have come across and fixed;

  1. Our company has lost its website manager and no one knows the passwords.
  2. Our business website and email address (Domain name) has expired and we cant receive any emails.
  3. Our main website domain was in the name of the original designers and they have now gone bust.
  4. Our company website has been hacked and is now selling Viagra!
  5. We did a content update which has broken the site and there are no backups to restore from.
  6. The Instagram or Facebook feed has stopped and is showing an error on the page.
  7. The free Google Maps account has stopped working on the Contact Us page as too much traffic.
  8. Someone has uploaded a post image far too big and is taking 5 minutes to load.
  9. The website does not display on the new Microsoft Browser.
  10. The phone number on our website has been out of date since we moved 5 years ago.

Popcorn Web Design provides Website Support & Maintenance services…

  1. Manually visit and verify your website is live and contact forms work.
  2. Update security patches for WordPress and third-party plugins.
  3. Fix broken links, missing images, links to external web pages that no longer exist.
  4. Backup files and restore if required.
  5. Monitor and improve loading speed.
  6. Measure and improve Search Engine Optimisation SEO.
  7. Review your Google Search Console account information and notices.


What is Website Support?
We explain What is Website Support?