WordPress Security Help!

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WordPress Security Help!

WordPress is by far the most popular platform for creating content managed websites. It allows the ability for website owners to add and change content on each page, creat news posts, manage their product catalogue, etc.

However by adding this functionality it introduces the potential of the website security being compromised. There are numerous agencies looking to access legititamate website and add their own maliouse code. Either to promote other websites (normally drug related) or download a virus or capture innocent visitors details.

In the past, WordPress has had bad press about security but for the last many years as long as the website uses a reputable or bespoke Theme and is then monitored and updated as soon as security patches are available then they are fully secure.

Hera at Popcorn Web Design Ltd we build bespoke WordPress website which only contain the code that we put in plus we only use recommended and supported third-party plugins . Therefore the website is fully secure once they go live.

We provide training to the client on how to manage content and update security as notified by the admin interface (or we provide a service to do this for them).

Improve Your WordPress Security with These Tips

  1. Use a reputable secure hosting company and SSL
  2. Check and then update WordPress Patches and any Plugins
  3. Strengthen up all passwords and certainly never use “admin” as your username
  4. Hide your username from the author archive URL. …
  5. Keep regular backups of the website
  6. Limit the number of login attempts
  7. Avoid free WordPress themes
WordPress Security Help!
WordPress Security Help!